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        Intermediates & Chemicals
        Pharmaceutical Intermediates
        Agrochemical Intermediates
        Pigment Intermediates
        Fine Chemicals
        Customer Manufacturing
        As a well-know pharmaceutical and chemical supplier, we have a professional team with dynamic vigor and outstanding exploring ability.
        Our products and services have been extended to the almost whole supply chains, and specialized in supplying Pharmaceutical Intermediates , Agrochemical Intermediates , Pigment Intermediates, Petrochemicals, Fine chemicals and Customer Manufacturing etc.
        Created successful business relationship in international and domestic markets with a professional, efficient and experienced service team.
        We are convinced that good services and competitive prices are our best products. Generating values continually for our customers is always our pursuit.
        With the technical support of R&D center and the cooperation of  our own factory, our products are strictly controlled so as to extend both upstream and downstream.
        Many years accumulation of experience of R&D, scaling up, and commercial production a relatively wide range of API & Intermediate has made us very success in Customer Manufacturing for different customers’ demands in various markets.
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